I am running Ubuntu and had this issue where one day the system just decided not to boot. I wandered around blindly, and somehow came across these two little parameters. Now, each time if I type edd=on and nolapic to the linux line of the boot commands, the system boots as it should.

What is this edd=on and nolapic, and why do I need to type these custom commands to boot into Ubuntu linux? I feel like if I understand what they mean I can understand the problem, and maybe fix it forever.

PS: what is the name for the list of boot commands I am referring to? Is it just the "boot command list", or "bootload script"? Thanks!


EDD BIOS Enhanced Disk Drive Services, APIC Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller

noapic      [SMP,APIC] Tells the kernel to not make use of any
            IOAPICs that may be present in the system.

edd=        [EDD]
            Format: {"off" | "on" | "skip[mbr]"}

You can find details in your distribution's documentation (ubuntu) and in the online documentation of the kernel’s command-line parameters

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