I need to transfer data from hard drive removed from Dell Insipiron Model PP12L. The connector on the hard drive is 44 pin strip-like. It has no pins. The connections are flat, arrow-like copper pieces molded into a plastic stip. I need an adapter from female 44 pin strip-like to a 44 pin IDE male connector. Where can I find it? What is a proper name for this adapter?

Thank you in advance, Adam W,


All drives are made the same to avoid this sort of problem. All PATA drives have 40 or 44 male pins. I would suspect that if yours doesn't look like one of these or this then you're probably looking at a drive and an IDE connector which has been forcibly removed and broken. From your description, it may also be that you have a SATA drive and a PATA motherboard. If that is the case then you need an adapter if this is going to work. I have no experience using these though.


First off are you sure it has 44 pins? "flat, arrow-like copper pieces molded into a plastic stip" sounds like a SATA connector but a SATA power+data connector only has 22 pins, 7 on the data part and 15 on the power part.

If it is a SATA connector then you can just hook it up to a desktop PC with a normal SATA controller and cabling.

If it is not a SATA connector then I would look carefully at the drive to see if it looks like there is a removable adapter attatched. It used to be quite common to see a stadnard laptop IDE drive with a laptop-specific adapter attatched.

Failing both of those you will need to post a picture before we can advise further.

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