I'm writing a short batch program to copy *.doc

The files are in directories where it's name can be changed. In each directory, only have one folder only.

If in DOS command window, i'll just key-in cd <press-TAB>, then it will show the first available directory (or in my case, the only folder that have in that current directory)


C:\Book2014> cd "press-TAB"
C:\Book2014> cd English     // the only available directory to go

Is there a way of doing this in batch file?

for /d %%F in (*) do cd "%%F" & goto :break

The GOTO is there just in case there are more than 2 folders - it will CD to the first one found.

  • it works man :).. appreciate your help! – Lokman Sep 22 '14 at 6:43

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