it's possibile to set up a custom image in the videocall with Skype? I want set a static image during videocall.

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try below three...

  • Specifically for Skype, there's magic camera under Skype Apps on their "extras" page.

  • another one many cam allows you to add backgrounds / borders / overlays to the feed from your web camera - and it runs under windows. There is a free version too.

  • one more is called video skin is a unique software that allows the user to add a Flash® animated backdrops that will enhance a webcam experience. Through a simple process, Flash® animations can be applied to be a foreground or background. Compatible with almost all video-chatting software including Skype, CAMFROG®, Paltalk Scene, ICQ® and others


The link of Magic Camera is broken, because third party applications that work with Skype will no longer be supported starting December 2013


Since version 8 it is possible to change the background effect (either blur the background or choose a custom background image) via Audio & Video settings.

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