So I have set up Ubuntu 14.04 on a new Lenovo E540 and choose the BIOS option to swap the Fn and Ctrl keys. This works well but there are some quirks.

It appears Lenovo has introduced some extra keyboard shortcuts at BIOS level in v2.13, such as Fn+S, Fn+B and Fn+P. Now with the Ctrl and Fn buttons switched in BIOS, the shortcuts are still triggered when pressing the physical Fn key (Ctrl key in software). This means pressing Ctrl+S is intercepted and interpreted as Fn+S by the BIOS, and my code isn't saved. Has anyone dealt with this issue? Waiting for Lenovo to update the BIOS with a fix could take years.

I think the only solution is to switch the buttons back in BIOS and learn to live with the keyboard layout.

  • Live with it :) It's not that hard to adapt. – Kamil Sep 25 '14 at 20:13
  • @kamil, that's the current plan, and I'm getting used to it surprisingly quickly. But I will try and file a bug report with lenovo as it is a usability bug – caffeinated.tech Sep 26 '14 at 10:10
  • Looking at this thread, the solution can be to downgrade BIOS to 2.08. – jakub.g Oct 17 '14 at 22:34

BIOS version 2.16 (10/30/2014) fixed this issue finally :)

  • Thanks for the update, let me try out that BIOS update this evening, it will be the second time I boot into Windows on this laptop – caffeinated.tech Nov 6 '14 at 15:25

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