On the new Google Chrome New Tab page there is a link for the new _Extensions" page and next to it the Bookmark sync link which actually does not link to anywhere. I have been wishing for Chrome to integrate bookmarks better with the Google user account so I could have my organized bookmarks from any computer, but now that I see this new link Bookmark sync on the bottom of the New Tab page I am curious, is there a new bookmark sync feature for chrome now?

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The bookmark sync syncs to Google Toolbar bookmarks... (details). Nice and all, but I had hoped it would be an option to at least use Google's Bookmark service too. Alas.

With the beta version of Chrome you can also look into using the Xmarks extension. Good sign of 3rd party integration solving this challenge long-term.

  • +1 for consideration of the Google Bookmarks service. I've been using hampr.com as an alternative for some time now. It even has a FF (not Chrome) add-on.
    – JMD
    Dec 10, 2009 at 20:51

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