The Customizr theme in Wordpress has lots of options that are fun to play with, but I'm stuck on one point. All my pages have a footer with a default copyright notice that I want to change, and nothing that I've found affects it. I'm probably overlooking the obvious, but I've spent quite a while trying to find it. Can someone tell me how I edit the footer?

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You can check here:

These all working if you have the possibility of editing the footer.php file. (reading first and second link is enough but if you like you can read the rest).
But If you dont have access to that then you can hide it:

.credit {
visibility: hidden;

The other solution would be Javascript solution. (Assuming the class is credit)
You should have a basic knowledge of HTML

document.getElementsByClassName('credit')[0].innerHTML = "STH";

Copy that to console Ctrl+Shift+K (or I - Chrome) and increase 0 and click on what console gives you until you find the desired element. Then add .innerHTML to above and then you can use it to edit the footer on page startup. Like this:


  • That worked. As a bonus, I learned how to create a child theme so that I was making the change cleanly. I added a child theme called "mycustomizr" and created a functions.php file there. Rather than figure out all the complexities of the PHP building the footer, I hard-coded the string to what I wanted it to be. – gmcgath Sep 25 '14 at 19:01
  • Im glad to hear that. – UltraDEVV Sep 25 '14 at 20:39

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