I've just got done going through effectively all of the shape options available to me in Visio 2013 for the current project I'm outlining, and selected all of the shapes that I want available to me in my ... Shapes panel...

My question is now this - is there any way that I can save the current 'workspace' if you will ( my selection of usable shapes, at least ) - to be later reusable without the necessity to re-select all 15 or so categories worth of shapes that I'm interested in?

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Yes, but I bet you can't find it! It used to be easy to find in earlier versions of Visio, but ho-hum.

In Visio 2010 when you click on File on the ribbon you are shown the panel "Information about ". On the right you will see a small triangle next to Properties, click this and select Advanced Properties. At the bottom you will see Save Workspace.

Hopefully it is the same or very similar in Visio 2013.

  • It is the same for Visio 13. It seemed that you agreed it was difficult to find, so I wonder why you didn't upvote OP's question..
    – gsamaras
    Jan 16, 2019 at 13:59

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