I'm a new OSX (10.9) user, and I wanted to setup the Terminal with a decent color scheme, but I'm not able to. I followed simple instructions here:


Imported the file, applied the theme, but it looks like this:

enter image description here

What could be going on here? I've tried the same with numerous other themes, but my terminal just doesn't seem to take the colors.


Terminal > Preferences - Settings (Gear)> Import select Peppermint Terminal

Select the Peppermint Profile

Also note the bit about getting color in bash in the comments:

.bashrc file:


# Likewise, colored output from various utilities including ls can be turned on with

export CLICOLOR=1

You can try an existing color Profile to determine whether or not you should be seeing color. In the case of no color being enabled I'd suggest some googling.

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