I am using Adobe Flash CS6, and I am having troubles with the zoom feature in the editor. I am aware that there is a drop down menu where you can select the zoom level you want, but that is not usable at all. I need to be able to zoom in/out using my mouse wheel. Pressing an extra button is no problem, as I use CTRL+mouse wheel all the time in other applications. But in Flash, it seems you can only zoom in/out with the drop down menu.

Is there any way to get Adobe Flash to use the mouse wheel to zoom? Or is there already a keyboard shortcut I'm not aware of?


If you are using windows: In flash one must hold SHIFT and CTRL (CTRL + SHIFT + mouse wheel), which doesn't really make sense since in all the other adobes softwares zooming works with ALT+ mouse. Maybe flash is just the weird one :P

If you're using Mac: Sorry, no clue

Source: Went through same dilemma.

  • Thanks! That works! Also, I discovered CTRL+= and CTRL+- to zoom in and out, but that's nowhere near as useful as CTRL+SHIFT+mouse wheel. Thanks again! – shieldgenerator7 Feb 20 '15 at 22:53

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