A quick scan didn't find any error on my hard drive, whereas a full scan did. What is the difference between a quick scan and a full scan in HD Tune Pro? I use Windows 7 SP1 x64 Ultimate and HD Tune Pro 3.50.

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I found a manual for HD Tune Pro. On page 23 it describes the Error Scan. It says the following:

The Error Scan scans the entire disk surface for errors. Defects will show up as red blocks. The exact location of these defects are shown in the list below the graph.

This test only performs read operations and is nondestructive.

For a short test the quick scan option can be set. With this option enabled only certain parts across the disk surface will be tested.

So a full scan will scan every single block on the disk, and a quick scan will only scan some blocks on the disk. The quick scan probably scans one block, then skips X blocks, then scans another block, then skips another X blocks, and so on.

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