Is there any convenient way to transfer images and sync it with my local folder via bluetooth, on Linux.

Nokia PC suite on Windows is a Crapware. I don't want to use it anyway. The new Ovisuite is written using Qt, yet there is no port on Linux, sucks.

All I need is an application that stores images on the system in a folder locally and optionally deletes all of those images on the phone.

Is there an application that does that?


You can try Wammu, which is a GUI frontend to Gammu CLI tool for managing mobile devices

  • "Currently gnapplet is not compatible with 3rd generation of Symbian" bit.ly/ve8bI But thanks, anyway! – Lakshman Prasad Dec 12 '09 at 12:20

Make your Symbian phone talk to your Linux computer at the symbianism blog.

To make things worse for Linux users, PC Suite doesn't work under WINE.
[but] There are ways to close the communication gap a little.

Some links from that article.

  1. Wammu (front end to Gammu)

And, UbuntuForums: HOWTO: Sync Nokia E-series Phone with Evolution via Bluetooth

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