In my case I have many tabs opened in Safari and I want to move to Firefox. I know I can note down all the url in a text file and open all of them again one by one in another browser. But I'm looking for any shortcut way.


I tried following what Ramhound has mentioned, and it turned out to be very helpful. I saved all the bookmarks in a folder in Safari, and then imported the bookmarks in Firefox. It was just a simple process.


You could use the following AppleScript:

tell application "Firefox"
    set newTabURLs to takeSafariTabURLs() of me
    repeat with tabURL in newTabURLs
        open location tabURL
        delay 1
    end repeat

end tell

on takeSafariTabURLs()
    set tabURLs to {}
    tell application "Safari"
        repeat with w in windows
            if name of w is not "" then --in case of zombie windows
                repeat with t in tabs of w
                    set tabURL to URL of t
                    set the end of tabURLs to tabURL

                end repeat
            end if
        end repeat
        return tabURLs
    end tell
end takeSafariTabURLs
  • very helpful, you saved my time. thank you! commenting from FF, searched in Safari :D – Itzdsp Feb 10 at 1:00

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