I've got an Asus NX1101 gigabit network card.

It has a white connector with three pins. What is it for?

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    I get a "Runtime error" when I click that link. – innaM Dec 11 '09 at 15:25

Edit: The connector in question is definitely a WOL connector.

alt text

Another edit: The WOL cable is only needed on motherboards that do not support the PME portion of the PCI 2.2 standard. If yours is a reasonably recent motherboard, then you should be able to configure WOL in the Power Management section of your BIOS and will not need the WOL cable.

If the connection looks like the following picture, then it is a WOL connection.

alt text

The WOL connection accepts a cable that looks something like the following picture.

alt text

Every WOL cable that I have ever seen has red and green wires, along with some other color.

The other end of the WOL cable connects to the WOL port on your motherboard.

If your motherboard has an integrated NIC, then your motherboard may not have a WOL port.

  • Ok, but I can do WOL on this card without this cable. I guess this is a property of my BIOS? – liori Dec 11 '09 at 18:59

The link you have given goes to a graphics card.

If however it is what I think you are talking about on a network card - This usually goes to a special connector for the power unit to enable Magic Packets / Boot on Lan.

alt text

(see top corner)

However, if you are talking about the 3x2 adapter on the link you provided, that is a power adapter as the graphics card requires higher power than the socket can provide

alt text

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