I'd like a way to monitor processes on Windows 7 for average CPU, Memory and IO since last boot.

I would love it if it was a nice UI friendly tool that could sort processes by Average CPU, Average Memory and Average IO.

I already tried Performance Monitor, and I find it pretty terrible. Mostly, you couldn't sort the monitoring. So I'd like something else, or a way to do it with Performance Monitor.

I'm doing this to see which process uses a lot of CPU, Memory and IO so I can uninstall them.

Bonus points if the way can also show me Peaks or all process who peaked CPU 5 times since boot, etc.

Thank You


Try Resource Monitor instead.. it'll show you that information if you enable the right columns.


The most advanced tool I got is Process Explorer, it has a lot of filters and all:



Resource Monitor (resmon.exe) will display average CPU, but not since last boot. CPU, memory, and disk will be near real time. Disk Queue Length is also useful.


Disk Queue Length

Sorry, Windows 7 is not iOS 8.

  • Haha, ya iOS and Android all have these measures displayed in a very clear and useful way. I'm surprised nobody made an app for Windows. It seems like such a useful thing to diagnose what is slowing your computer down. – Didier A. Oct 2 '14 at 21:19

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