If I start a console-based command (such as cmd or powershell) from the Windows Vista "Run..." command (Windows-R), it opens in a default command window. I'd like to customize the size, colors, and fonts of this Window. Is there a way to do it, maybe with a registry hack?

I know I can create shortcuts to specific commands that customize the window. However, those settings apply only when opening the command from that particular shortcut; in this case I want to open the command via the Run window.

I'm also aware there are various replacements out there for the built-in Run window. In this case I'd prefer not to involve any third-party software.


Start up cmd from anywhere and right click on the title bar. Select "Defaults". Make the changes to fonts/colors/etc, and hit OK. These settings will be saved and applied whenever you open a new cmd window (unless they are overridden by a shortcut with specific settings).

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