Are there short keys for switching tabs in chrome browser, for example: switch to the next tab according to their order in chrome browser window switch to a previous visited tab switch to a tab, which you want.

My Chrome browser is Chromium 33.0.1750.152 Ubuntu 12.04


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Ctrl + Tab to switch to the next tab, Ctrl + Shift + Tab to switch to the previous tab.

Chose Ctrl + #number to go directly to tabs 1 to 9.


I use Ctrl + PgUp and Ctrl + PgDn to switch between tabs, Ctrl + w to close the tabs I don't need anymore and Ctrl + # (1 to 9) to navigate straight to a desired tab, although many times I have 15 to 20 tabs opened at the same time so this last set of keys isn't a reflex gesture yet.


Don't forget Ctrl - W closes a tab, sure. but what if you closed the wrong tab? Ctrl - Shift - T open's it back up!

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