I have installed the Windows 10 Preview Enterprise on a pc with a Windows 8.1 Prof. After install I'm unable to get the new snap assist to work correctly, or at least as I assumed it would work.

Right now the only snap I see is to snap the app to a maximized view.

Is there something I have to do to enable this functionality?

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    Can you provide screenshots of how you believe it should work? Then provide screenshots of what its doing. – Ramhound Oct 3 '14 at 12:28

Source Hands-on with Microsoft's new Windows 10: UI changes that look great at first blush

In Windows 8, apps can be snapped by clicking the Windows key and the left or right arrow, snapping them to the left or right of the screen. That fills half the screen. With Windows 10, up to four apps can be snapped per screen, maximizing your productivity.

What’s neat, though, is that once you snap an app, Windows 10 suggests another, similar app that you might want to snap next to it, from a small collection of windows. The feature is intended to save you the hassle of hunting about through menus to actually construct a virtual desktop.


I don't know what apps you have running but the snapping hot keys do NOT work for me if I have UltraMon running. Exit UltraMon and snapping keys work fine.

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