I am using a Lenovo G400s with Windows 8.1 x64 bit installed.

For the past two days, the touch screen isn't working properly. And by “not properly” I mean it is taking touch even when I'm not touching the screen. Two spots are being shown on the right of the screen, as shown in this image.

enter image description here

Due to this I can't use drag & clicks are being done constantly from touch. And I can only work after disabling the touch screen from the device manager.

This problem persists even after a reboot. The only way to get rid of these spots is to disable the touch screen.


I had the exact same issue on my Lenovo, same place, too. Amazingly, it happened when I suddenly sneezed on the screen. What fixed it for me was under the Control Panel, I searched "touch" and "Tablet PC Settings" popped up second on the list. I did the steps for "Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input". After I did that, the spots were gone.

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    Thanks for your answer Lucy. I just forgot to update, I took my laptop to lenovo shop and got it fixed. Warranty helped me. – Sri Harsha Chilakapati Oct 26 '14 at 16:15

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