I need to do the install at home. The hard drive will go into a computer at work for booting. Most search results I pull up on google deal with dual booting Ubuntu from Mac/Windows.

  • Not clear what the question is. Just make the second hard drive the target drive and run the installation program. There probably isn't a lot of difference between different permutations unless you're talking about doing a mirror image on the second drive. "Simplest" probably comes down to which method is most familiar to you.
    – fixer1234
    Oct 7 '14 at 4:41

A few options.

  1. Hook up the hard drive (maybe a second hard drive, through USB or eSATA) then insert the Ubuntu DVD and make sure you select that you want to install on the work hard drive

  2. On a live Ubuntu system clone your hard drive using clonezilla or dd

  3. Create a VM which uses the real hard disk as the virtual hard disk then install within the virtual environment using the Ubuntu DVD

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