I've a Samsung SyncMaster B1930 Monitor. I've installed all the graphics drivers.

I'm unable to set or change the monitor brightness because it says that MagicEco is ON. I've also downloaded some of the drivers from Samsung's website but they doesn't seems to work too. Any Idea how should I set the brightness according to my requirement ?


You have two options:

  • To manually change brighness you have to disable MagicEco which is a powersaving option.
  • With MagicEco enabled you have to adjust the power saving mode (100 %, 75 %, 50 % and off) to change the brightness.

Read the manual to locate those settings. If locating those settings is the problem, please leave a comment.


How to Locate Settings :

  1. Go To Menu.
  2. Go to "Setup and Reset" option.
  3. Go to "Magic Eco" Option.
  4. In magic Eco option Select "Power saving Off" Option.
  5. Go to your Brightness Setting.

    It will enabled and you can change the Value.


Well as stated from the Samsung website this "MagicEco" feature “makes saving energy easy. It adjusts Samsung monitor’s brightness based on how much energy you want to save."

So I would assume there would be a setting on your computer based on as mentioned how much energy you are willing to save, so you could lower that requirement which in theory should allow you to change the brightness setting.

As for the drivers not working, I guess you could of downloaded the wrong version or something, here is the link to their site

http://www.samsung.com/my/support/model/LS19PUYKF/XM, let me know what errors you are having

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