i have a list of symlinks to commonly used files by me in a directory located on my flash drive h:\ referencing to files in c:\ drive

i want to move the contents of my h:\ drive into c:\, and when i do so symlinks cause original files on the system to get moved

i don't want to use shortcuts for that purpose, i just want to move symlinks instead of the original files they refer to from one drive to another

there's no problem when moving them inside the h:\ drive, but when i move them to another drive they follow the original files

i want to know the cause of this strange for me behavior, that is, why they get moved properly in the same drive, and not when i move them to another drive, and to find a solution for that purpose


i've found a worthy answer to my question, it's about copying not moving, but there's no problem deleting the source after the copying process is completed to imitate migration :)

it's about using /b switch of cli copying tool xcopy.exe to:

copy the symbolic link itself versus the target of the link

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