ive searched listed code and word help and tried to manipulate others code ive got as far as creating a developer combo box with two fields the display name and a value. i have also managed to use the selected information into another combo box so i can chose the value from the list (of one) but i have to select it. i want to display the value in a text box, as there is only one value.

what i require seems simple to me but i'm really struggling to sort it.

i need a drop down box (combo box) that has a list containing two values. i want the first value to be displayed so the user can select it. i want the corresponding value to be displayed in a text box on another line.


data: fred - 21a, bill - 32c, goerge - 32 19f

i want to select : fred, bill, george. from a list and have the value (21a, 32c, 32 19f) that matches it in a separate text box

the data table is static and wont change. i just need to select the relevant values for printing

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