I decided to install a proper product key for my Windows 8.1.

I tried the PC Settings applet, but it refused to accept my key.

I tried using slmgr /ipk ...., but got error WBEM_E_TRANSPORT_FAILURE 0x80041015.

I debugged the slmgr.vbs script and tried to use the underlying WMI: wmic:root\cli>PATH SoftwareLicensingService where Version="6.3.9600.16497" call InstallProductKey ProductKey="..." Execute (\\PC\root\cimv2:SoftwareLicensingService.Version="6.3.9600.16497")->InstallProductKey() (Y/N/?)? y ERROR: Description = Transport failure

How to fix this problem and install the product key?


I managed to fix this Windows licensing problem by installing a Microsoft Office hotfix - http://support2.microsoft.com/kb/2968890/en-us

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