I recently started seeing an error message when starting up my pc:

nengine.dll is not a proper application extention. 

Not recognising this nengine.dll, I did a quick search online and found it's some sort of malware.

So I deleted it. Now I'm getting the following:

enter image description here

Obviously, something is still trying to call it on start up.

I can't seem to find any method of removing this annoying dialog without downloading some 'nengine-remover' software. I'm wary of replacing one piece of malware with another.

Has anyone encountered this before and does anyone know how I could remove it once and for all?

My anti-virus software is the free version of AVAST, if that makes any difference.


Helpful advice here, if slightly dated.

In the process of trying to solve this problem - Oct 14th 2014


Use Autoruns for Windows to search for nengine.dll or Newnext.me in the Everything tab, and delete all the entries that you find. For good measures, search carefully also for nengine or Newnext. Reboot to verify if you were successful in eradicating it.

Once the problem is fixed, scan your computer with anti-malware software, because very often this adware comes bundled with other adware or even spyware that you didn't notice yet. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is recommended, but is not the only one - some other good ones are suggested by the link in your post, and running more than one is safer. Many of the mentioned products also have online scans (normally requiring either Java or Internet Explorer).

  • Cheers Harry, I'll try this out after work – Daft Oct 16 '14 at 9:32

A detailed explanation/solution to your problem is given here

Once the Malware is removed. Restart your PC and scan it with JRT, AdwCleaner, and Combofix (recommended). Install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware along with Microsoft Security Essentials (I am using the MAM-MSE combo successfully for years)


Great answer from Harry there for you but I just wanted to point something out:

Ideally you would have unregistered the Dll prior to deleting it from the system. For anyone that has this issue in the future, once you locate the dll:

Unregistering the .DLL file

From the desktop, on the taskbar, select Start | Run | Type: cmd.exe | Press return.

Important: For Windows Vista and higher you must run the command prompt as 'an administrator'. On Windows 8 (for example) go to the Start screen, simply type 'cmd' to search for the app, right-click the app returned and select 'Run as administrator' at the bottom of the screen. Example:

You should either use 'CD' to change to the relevant directory (folder), or enter the full path to the file.

regsvr32 -u `<filename>.dll`


regsvr32 -u `<path>\<filename>.dll`

where <path> is the path to the file, and <filename> is the name of the file.

You will probably also have a left over Startup Entry from Malware that has been removed by your Security Programs.

Scan your System again if problem remains after scanning, take those Entries out of Startup using msconfig.

Or you should can use this windows Program to do that, too:

"Autoruns for Windows v11.32"



Not a recommended option, since it may break other things. Try using a registry cleaner to remove references to non-existent objects.

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