I started to use Emacs for Python and I am using this package:


After I install it, I see this:

enter image description here

There is a white line (like underscore) underneath the current line.

How can I remove this white line. it is annoying.


To see what modes are active in a particular buffer, type C-h m -- that is a shortcut for M-x describe-mode. If hl-line-mode is enabled, the readout will look like: Enabled minor modes: . . . Hl-Line . . ..

It looks like hl-line-mode is active, and the hl-line color is set to :underline t. In the instructions on the fist page of the link you cited, it states as follows:

Line highlighting

You may want to enable this feature with the color you prefer,
to do so, drop one of the following lines in your .emacs

(global-hl-line-mode t) ;; To enable
(set-face-background 'hl-line "black") ;; change with the color that you like
                                       ;; for a list of colors:
                                       ;; http://raebear.net/comp/emacscolors.html

hl-line-mode can also be enabled locally and/or only in specific major modes using mode-hooks -- enabled looks like (hl-line-mode 1) and disabled looks like (hl-line-mode -1).

If hl-line-mode is active in all major modes, then you are looking for (global-hl-line-mode t). If hl-line-mode is active in only specific major modes, then you are looking for (hl-line-mode 1). In either case, just remove or comment out that line of code.

It is also possible to enable a minor-mode globally, yet turn it off for specific major modes using mode hooks. In that case, the global setting would be placed in the .emacs file and a mode-hook would be used to turn it off: (hl-line-mode -1).

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