I have been getting a small bar on top mid of the remote desktop when I connect to a remote desktop. This option helps to minimize the remote desktop and work on my local machine/ reopen the remote machine from my local system.

I have been working on a remote desktop and by mistake I clicked somewhere on the top option and it lost that option bar from remote desktop. So, if I open any remote connection, it will be in full screen and I need to scroll down to see remote desktop's status bar. Please help me to find that.

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Source Remote Desktop Services Shortcut Keys


Switches the client between full-screen mode and window mode.


Note that on an NEC98, the following shortcut keys are different:

CTRL+ALT+BREAK is replaced by F12.


As DavidPostil mentioned, https://pcreview.co.uk/forums/keyboard-alternative-break-t3759101.html has some other options. One that worked for my Dell Inspiron was CTRL ALT FN B - B as break ;)

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