Mac OS X: 10.9.5

The problem:

I often have 20+ browser tabs open from various web apps. Combined with running a comparable number of native apps, I need a better way to avoid cycling through two different places to find whatever I need at any given time.

Essentially I want to have the best of both worlds and find a way to combine web apps with native apps so I can see them all when I Cmd-Tab.

Cmd-Tab has these advantages:

  1. It's essentially one step.
  2. The app you want has an easily recognizable icon.
  3. I can hit Cmd-Tab and hold Cmd to view all the apps by icon.

Cmd-Backtick limitations:

I realize I could make separate browser windows and use Cmd-Backtick, but:

  1. Making separate browser windows is an extra required step.
  2. You have already be in the app whose windows you want to cycle through or add an extra step to get to the app.
  3. There is no pre-visual when cycling through windows of the same app as you arrive at the next window without warning.
  4. It's easy to lose your place when cycling if you can't remember how many windows are open or whatever order they were in.

Ctrl-Down limitations

Ctrl-Down could be used to cycle through an app's windows, however:

  1. Like Cmd-Backtick, you have already be in the app whose windows you want to cycle through or add an extra step to get to the app.
  2. Also like Cmd-Backtick, making separate browser windows is an extra required step.
  3. While viewing the window's content might be advantageous in some situations, a browser's content often changes and so immediately recognizing the window that you want is not as instant as an icon that you see all the time.

Why not use the browser's cycle features?

  1. Using Ctrl-Tab or Cmd-Shift-} to linearly cycle through browser tabs is quite tiring with 20+ browser windows.
  2. Selecting browser tabs with the mouse also becomes ineffective at 20+ browser tabs as the title only has ~4 characters that identify the tab.
  3. Browser icons alone just sort of get you in the right neighbordhood and then it's Ctrl-Tab or Cmd-Shift-} time all over again.

What about web clips?

I'm looking for something like a web clip on iOS. Web clips are websites that are essentially bookmarks with icons on your dash. One drawback to web clips, however, is that they open in Safari so when double tapping home to cycle through apps (similar to Cmd-Tab in OSX), you get a Safari icon and not the web clip icon.

No custom browsers

I don't want a mac app that is a custom browser because of their unpredictability.


I want to run a browser of my choosing as a separate app that at least initially points to a particular website. I'd like to give it a different name and icon, repeating this as many times as desired. I could settle for not giving the app a new name, but not having the icon is a deal breaker. I would totally cut my own graphics for the icons if I had to.

  • Build one or open each tab as a new window
    – Some Dude
    Aug 12, 2016 at 3:32
  • @Tim how is your suggestion different from my Cmd-Backtick limitations section. Did I miss something? Aug 12, 2016 at 5:33
  • What you're asking for does not exist.
    – Some Dude
    Aug 12, 2016 at 11:43


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