Hi I use FileZilla to transfer files to the server via FTP.

I connected to FileZilla from my computer months ago. I entered the server address, port & administration password on to the startup window of the software & checked the "Always connect to this server" option ON. So, every time I start FileZilla, It connects to my server automatically & I never had to remember my credentials.

I know it's in the software itself..somewhere...like in a cache memory or something. I need to get those details. How can I take those credentials from the FileZilla client installed in my desktop pc.? Is it even possible?


Have a look into this file:


or one of the other xml files in the folder. You can open tham with any text editor, the passwords are plain text.


If you want to retrieve the password, you can read the XML file in


otherwise you can use Filezilla Password Decryptor with following steps :

Step 1. Launch Filezilla Password Decryptor after completion of installation.

Step 2. Next click on 'Start Recovery' button and all ftp login passwords stored by SmartFtp will be recovered.

Step 3. By default passwords are not shown for security reasons as it is sensitive data. However you can click on 'Show Password' button at the bottom to view these passwords.


To take server credentials from FileZilla Client installed in a pc,


C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\FileZilla Server\FileZilla Server Interface.xml

Open the .xml file in notepad. You will see a file similar to this with server credentials you are looking for. enter image description here

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