I have a Sony Vaio laptop VGN FS515 H.

I try to start the Recovery partition Tools by typing F10 during POST. The problem is that the recovery partition (OEM) won't boot and an error message says Reinstallation is impossible because Hard Drive was converted to dynamic.

Screenshot of disk manager

How can I solve that issue?


I think you already posted the answer. Just with the wrong focus:

enter image description here

To make sure: please add the precise error message to your post. You can do this using the edit function.

As to the actual problem: Please read this post Converting dynamic to basic disk. Note that this is something which I did not test myself and my own preferred way of recovering would be to wipe the disk (with diskpart clean - loosing all data) and to recover from backups (ghost images, wim files, clean re-install... pick your flavour).

Alternative solutions: (Partially from the post linked above):

  1. Manually edit the partition table changing partition types from 42 to 07. (Useful tool for this. This is described in details on this website.
  2. Or do the same using diskprop.exe. as described on http://support2.microsoft.com/kb/913964
  3. Wipe the disk clean (diskpart, select disk 0, clean, create partition primary. Reinstall. Recover data from backup).
  4. Try testdisk
  5. Try a partition manager like this one

But whatever you do. First make a full disk backup.

  • Hi Hennes Thanks for paying attention to my question . The error is exactly : Reinstalltion is impossible because Hard Drive was converted to dynamic – Kort Ria Nov 29 '14 at 23:25

If you know how to set it back with live-CD - exsistent system will be unbootable. You can try to set boot flag on this partition.. I reinstalled Windows 8 with broken boot on toshiba in this way.

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