Step by step, how does one share a folder (directory) that is on a Windows 7 system with an Android device?

I want a true networking share (over Wifi), not an FTP connection.

I would prefer not to install any software on the Windows 7 system, and to use ES File Explorer on the Android device, but am open to all solutions.

BTW, I think I am doing everything correctly, but I must be missing a step. When I get to the "Connecting to" dialog box in ES File Explorer, no matter what I enter, it does not work. I've even tried guest/guest to no avail.


Make a Windows Home Network and then use 3rd party app on the Android to access the Network via your router. Make sure to Enable file sharing on your windows 7 Network. Try these links



I have done what you describe before, but my phone is so slow and I deleted that network. But I know I used one of these ways to do it.

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