Is there a way to make the standard Windows 8.1 on-screen touch keyboard semi-transparent? I simply want to be able to type underneath the keyboard and still see what I'm typing, like on the picture below.

Updated, also posted this as a suggestion on UserVoice.

windows 8 on-screen keyboard

There is an option which (sort of) does that for the old desktop on-screen keyboard (the touchscreen keyboard which has been there since Windows XP), but this one is not really usable:

desktop keyboard


There is no built-in option to customize the transparency of the default on-screen keyboard of Windows 8.1. You can either use FeeltheWheel or download a 3rd party on-screen keyboard. I recommend the former option.

Feel the Wheel (Feewhee)

By using Feewhee you can easily resize windows and control their transparency with a mouse wheel.

You can download it as a as a portable application (exe, 6Kb), or in a ZIP archive(zip, 4kb).

enter image description here enter image description here

Source: Here and here.

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    Is there some alternative way to use this Feel the Wheel program with a tablet (with no mouse)? Thanks. – StormRyder Mar 16 '15 at 22:37

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