After installing the Fedora 20 sucessfully and rebooted, I have received the message on boot:


I stay stuck on this screen and don't know what to do. I think it might be a problem to load the grub2, that is created by fedora installer. But I don't know what to do to repair the grub2 in fedora - I used boot-repair on debian based distros to help me through this.

More information:

I am installing side by side with Windows 8 I have tried to install creating partition automatically by installer and also manual creating:

  • ext4, / - 50gb
  • swap (2 * sizeOf(RAM))
  • ext2 /boot - 300mb
  • biosgrub - 10mb

Could anyone help me what I am doing wrong to make this work?


You can try to reinstall grub2 as explained on askfedora.

You can also try this solution.

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