I have a gaming headset that I use with my PS4 and would like to run music from my laptop into the audio line while using it with the PS4 as well.

The headset just plugs into the 3.5mm jack in the controller.

The headphones have separate mic and audio lines and I bought a small adapter for that, but I was wondering if I could also run music from my laptop into the audio line so I could quietly play background music but still hear the game sound and chat above all.

This pertains to a Logitech G230 headset if that makes a difference.


Yes you can combine 2 audio sources into one. Usually that's done in a mixer, but if you really only want to add 2 audio lines together and don't care too much about audio quality, a Y cable like this should be lightweight enough to work with your setup. Make sure you get a cable that has the male and female parts the right way around, and that you don't get a stereo splitter, or a cable that just separates audio in from audio out - it's easy to buy the wrong thing.

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