To know : What all things can I try myself to recover data? (Can I open the disk and do something myself with the hope of fixing? I know data recovery centers are possible, but they are very expensive.)

Disk : The disk inside Seagate 3 TB External (STBV3000100). I took out the disk and used as internal.

Issue : Hard disk not working.

Diagnosis so far :
Since this was supposed to be used as external disk, and I ran it almost 24*7 for a month or more, the motor has failed. I hear squeeky sound at boot up, as if the motor is not able to start rotation.


Hard disks are assembled in a clean room environment - one that is entirely dust free. This is because any small particles floating around inside the container can cause damage.

It is unlikely that you would be able to create a clean enough environment in a domestic or office environment.

This effectively eliminates any useful DIY remedies. Your options are to use a professional data recovery service, or throw away the disk, get a new one and restore from backup.

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