I have problem with printing text using Internet Explore 9 and Chrome. For IE9

I use printer EPSON PLQ-20M, and what I have noticed is that If I use IE 7, there is no problem but when I print it in IE 9 I got the blurry text. I have try to use style sheet to change the font, color, and size but I still cannot solve the problem.

For Chrome

On Chrome we have 2 big problem

1- blur text as IE9

2- we can not Re-set page setup. (page setup is always reset to default when we re-open browser page. )

Please help us to check with this problem as attachment and send the correction to us soon. If have any problem, please contact to us by address below:

E-mail: sengsetya168@gmail.com

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Windows Registry editing fixed the font thickness issue for me perfectly, we can tune the font thickness/darkness by calibrating FONTSMOOTHINGGAMMA value to anywhere between 150 and 190 hexadecimal( 336 to 400 decimal )

  • search for FONTSMOOTHINGGAMMA by keying " Ctrl F " ( will automatically take us to CurrentUser\ControlPanel\Desktop path)
  • double-click mouse on FONTSMOOTHINGGAMMA enter anything between 150 and 190 hexadecimal.(the Lower the value, the thicker the fonts.)
  • close the REGEDIT tool
  • LOGOFF and then LOGON

Now all the fonts are very thick & very dark in Chrome Browser.

But before this, we must make sure that ClearType smoothing is enabled in Windows( controlPanel -> personalization -> appearance -> Effects -> ClearType smooth check [ ticked box ] )

     or  alternately in  RegEdit ...




( Note: MicrosoftClearTypeTuner minimum GAMMA value is 1000 maximum 2200 decimal, can not tune outside the limit, hence the Registry tweak)

  • thank you very much for reply, it is ok for font size = 10pt but the big problem when font size = 8pt or 7pt it is still have blur text
    – Seng Setya
    Nov 3, 2014 at 12:13

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