I have an "amount column" and a "Date Vouchered column". What I would like is a formula in a "summary cell" that will show the sum total of the amounts once a date vouchered has been placed next to the amount. For instance, as soon as 10/21/14 was placed next to the $1.11 below, the forumla would sum $3.36+$1.11 but exclude $109.00, as it does not have a voucher date as of yet.

I wanted to use an embeded if statement....but, it seems cumbersome.

 Amount    Date_Vouchered
  $3.36     10/20/2014
  $1.11     10/21/2014
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Use Excel's =SUMIF formula.

For your example, use =SUMIF(Date_Vouchered,">0",Amount). This will SUM everything in the amount column, IF the date column is greater than 0.

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