I use a USB cellular modem to connect to the internet. Unfortunately, the modem sometimes connects to a low strength network and the only way to reset the connection is to unplug the modem and reconnect it. This is a nuisance and stresses the connector.

Is there a way to reset a USB device in Windows XP without physically disconnecting it?


What you can do is either go into Dev Manager and Disable and then Re-enable the device in order for your computer to no longer detect the USB and then re-discover it.

In addition, you can use the "devcon disable hardware ID" and then "devcon enable hardware ID" in order to force this action. You will just have to get the Hardware ID via your Device Management

Your other option is to download a 3rd-party application that can do this for you as well, such as "DevEject" or "Zentimo"



To change network go to the network connections folder and choose a better network. No need to unplug usb modems.

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