I am playing with OWASP-BWA in a VM to learn security in web-apps. If you are familiar with it you'll know that the linux doesn't have any GUI. I haven't installed VMWare tools on the machine because I don't really need to. I want to see a list of services running on the the machine. So when I give service --status-all the page scrolls up and I see only the last few services (as the screen size of the VM is very small). So, I used the service --status-all | less command, I thought I could scroll the output with the up/down keys. Can anybody tell why this happens and how do I scroll the output?


Less Command – Screen Navigation

Use the following screen navigation commands while viewing large log files.

CTRL+F – forward one window CTRL+B – backward one window CTRL+D – forward half window CTRL+U – backward half window

Less Command – Line navigation

In a smaller chunk of data, where you want to locate particular error, you may want to navigate line by line using these keys:

j – navigate forward by one line k – navigate backward by one line

Less Command – Other Navigations

The following are other navigation operations that you can use inside the less pager.

G – go to the end of file g – go to the start of file q or ZZ – exit the less pager


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