In Windows I often find myself trying to write an English word, but with the Japanese Input method selected (unintentionally). So what I get is something like this えぁmpれ. At the moment, I just press escape and then start writing again. Ideally there would be a shortcut I could use to convert it automatically. There is on OSX:


Is there such a thing for Windows?

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    nihonshock.com/2010/04/12-japanese-ime-tips F6: converts the current input to hiragana, F7: converts the current input to full width katakana, F8: converts the current input to half width katakana, F9: converts the current input to full width romaji, F10: converts the current input to half width romaji.
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    Oct 21, 2014 at 11:47
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The function keys F6-F10 are used to convert input to various formats:

  • F6: convert to Hiragana

    ホワイト → ほわいと

  • F7: convert to full width Katakana

    ほわいと → ホワイト

  • F8: convert to half width Katakana. Probably not desired

    ホワイト → ホワイト

  • F9: convert the current input to full width romaji. Probably not desired, too. Press again for all-capitals, then again for proper noun capitalization:

    ホワイト → howaito → HOWAITO → Howaito

  • F10: convert to half width romaji. Press again for all-capitals, and again for proper noun capitalization:

    ホワイト → howaito → HOWAITO → Howaito

If you forget the above then just use Windows+forward slash (/) which is the shortcut for "Begin IME reconversion".

If you only want to convert the next input to romaji you can just type a capital character.

Some other useful shortcuts for typing Japanese on English keyboard

  • Ctrl+Caps Lock: switch to Hiragana
  • Alt+Caps Lock: if in alphanumeric mode change to Hiragana, then switch to Katakana
  • Shift+Caps Lock: switch between full-width Hiragana ↔ full-width alphanumeric (romaji)
  • Alt+` (Grave Accent/Backtick): switch between kana ↔ half-width alphanumeric (romaji)
  • Alt+Shift: switch between languages (IMEs)
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Press F10 to revert it to Latin script. There is also F9, but this will result in full-width characters, which is usually not appropriate when typing English.

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