When I type the word TRUE in an excel cell, it centers it and when I try to alphabetize a column which includes TRUE it puts it at the bottom. How can I make excel treat the word true just as a word?


What you are seeing is the result of Excel seeing the word TRUE as a logical value, not simply text. Then Excel is following it's sort order as below, which results in TRUE going to the bottom.

  1. Numbers - Excel sorts numbers from the smallest negative number to the largest positive number.
  2. Alphanumeric - Excel sorts alphanumeric text left to right, character by character.
  3. Logical Values - Excel places FALSE before TRUE.
  4. Error Values - Excel treats all error values as equals.
  5. Blanks - Excel always places blanks last.

To resolve this, place a single apostrophe before the word, 'TRUE, and it will not be recognized as a logical value.

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