Alice and Bob from Initech are coming over for a coulpe of meetings. They need to talk to Carol, Dave (me), Eve, and Frank separately and they have asked me to setup a meeting.

I don't have access to the agendas of my co-workers, not with "Create Items" permission. Also, I need to book a room for the entire time they're here.

I tried to do this by

  1. Booking a room, just for myself, for the entire time it's needed, but setting the meeting to "Show As: Free" as I won't need it the entire time myself.
  2. Booking separate meetings for each cow-orker, with me as the organizer, but again with "Show As: Free" and explaining that I won't be present, that I'm just organizing.
  3. Sending a summary / itinerary to Alice and Bob (I'm not sending the actual invites out to them).

I thought this would work, but "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." Specifically, I didn't add the room to the separate meetings since I thought I'd already booked it. Unfortunately, since I booked it with "Show As: Free", it didn't show up as occupied and someone else has booked a meeting in it.

So how should I have handled this situation?


A solution is given in this answer:

Just book the room as usual and then go to your calendar and switch your status to "Free" for this meeting.

This allows me to book the room without setting myself as "Busy" for the entire time of the visit.

It would be preferable to be able to book the room for the entire visit as one block and then plan different meetings in it, but this'll do.

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