I'm on a team using SourceForge 4.3 Enterprise Edition and can't figure out what the wiki software is. We thought it was Twiki for a while, but the features don't line up. The help files mention "SourceForge Wiki," but Googling for that brings up a project that hasn't been active in over five years. It also might not even be a proper noun. So, does anyone know what wiki SourceForge uses?


Going through the SourceForge main page to its Site Support link
leads to a Trac reference at the bottom.

SourceForge also shows up on the TracUsers page.

Look at the specific area on SourceForge that you are interested in at their Hosted Apps page.

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  • Thanks, but this isn't quite what I was looking for. It's my fault, I wasn't clear in the question. I was wondering about a downloadable SourceForge, not sourceforge.net. See my answer for more info. – Pops Dec 14 '09 at 17:17

After more research, I discovered that I'm actually using CollabNet TeamForge; I'm not clear on the relationship between that project and SourceForge yet, or why my team's site has a SourceForge logo. The "Applications Integrated with..." page mentions JSPWiki. JSPWiki's edit page looks like my project's edit page, so I'm considering this question answered.

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  • In which case you could add final notes at the bottom of your question, and accept you answer (maybe even close your question). – nik Dec 14 '09 at 18:55

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