I'm trying to download and install GIMP on Mac OsX 10.8.5 from this page. I've tried both the "Download GIMP 2.8 from gimp.org" and "this link" hyperlinks under "native builds." The first downloaded a file called gimp-2.8.14.dmg.torrent (6.7 KB). The second downloaded a file called gimp-2.8.14.man (60.7 MB). In both cases, if I try to open the file in the finder, I get an error: "There is no application to open the document." Any ideas why this is happening, and if I am doing something to cause it?

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http://download.gimp.org/pub/gimp/v2.8/osx/gimp-2.8.14.dmg should be the file you need to download. It is a disk image.

See How do I install an application from a disk image? for instructions on how to install it.

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