In our MS Office Upload Center, I have a file:

  • Name MyFile.docx
  • Location (this is OneDrive)
  • Last in Sync 10/26/2014 2:50 PM
  • Status Please Refresh

In the Upload Center, when I right click Refresh, nothing happens. I.e. the status still says, "Please Refresh." When I right click on the file listing, there's an "Open to Resolve" optio. When I do that, MS Word opens the file with a warning.

UPLOAD FAILED: We're sorry, someone updated the server copy and it's not possible to upload your changes now. (Keep My Version) (Keep Server Version).

How can we view (and possibly resolve/merge) the differences between my version and server version?

For now, I just chose "Keep My Version", in which case my version uploaded to the server, and the file vanished from the MS Office Upload Center.

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    Office Online is having a difficult time converting the document to a web version. OneDrive is real buggy when it comes to synchronizing Office files in this situation. If you know there's been no changes, then you can just re-save. Other times, I've had to save as a different document, then erase the old document. – Sun Oct 27 '14 at 18:47

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