I installed the GNU tar for windows to speed up tar-ing files so I don't have to mess around opening 7zip twice to tar then gzip a file.

To speed up the process even more, I tried to write a send-to batch file that looks like this:

tar -cf %1.tar.gz %1

The command works fine in the terminal (when I open it in my working dir) and would look something like:

tar -cf myfile.tar.gz myfile.txt

However when I run the send-to batch file the input ends up being:

tar -cf C:\path\to\myfile.txt.tar.gz C:\path\to\myfile.txt

I get this error from tar:

C:\path\to\my>tar -cf C:\path\to\my\myfile.txt.tar.gz C:\path\to\my\myfile.txt
tar: Cannot open C:\path\to\my\myfile.txt.tar.gz: Function not implemented
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

I'm not really sure what's wrong here but I'm certain it's not a problem with tar but rather some confusion with paths and file names.

I was wondering if there's a nice and simple way to do this with a batch script (maybe get JUST the file name as an argument rather than the full path) or will I need to do something more elaborate?


It seems to me that tar does not accept a full path to the archive being created. You should modify your batch file to cd to the desired folder first, e.g.

cd "%~dp1" 

and then use

tar -cf "%~n1.tar.gz" "%~nx1"

Quotes are used here to accommodate for space-containing names.

  • Perfect! I didn't know about those argument modifiers, thanks! – Southclaws Oct 28 '14 at 16:52

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