I have some structure of Local Folders in Mozilla Thunderbird:

Local Folders
----Client 1
----Client 2

And I've set the Message Filters so mails wents either to Clients/Client 1 or Clients/Client 2.

When I choose Client 1 I see some mails in it. Same with Client 2 (everything's ok).

But when I switch to Clients I see nothing (which is correct, but not what I want).

When I click on Clients I want to see messages from all of the sub-folders (Client 1, Client 2) as well. How to do it?

I do not want to copy all the messages (imagine more sub-sub-sub folders and many copies of hundreds of mails..).

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    Exactly the behaviour I want too !! I'm looking for it for month.. +1 – 4wk_ Oct 28 '14 at 16:50

As far as I know, the only way to achieve this is with a search. That is the only mechanism that will present emails across folders. This is because each folder is actually indexed in a separate file.

I would think - though I admit I've not tried - that you could come up with a search that would do what you want.

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