When i am trying to navigate to url such as, canary does not allow me to do it, it just offers me to search with text that i typed in omnibox. enter image description here

It happens only with address that started with 0. enter image description here

And there is no such problem in stable version. How can i fix it?


This is because the block is reserved and only valid as a source addresses; Thus, it makes little sense to navigate to it, since that would be using it as a destination. Source

If a particular piece of software is listening for incoming connections on, that generally means that it is listening on all available network interfaces. Simply substitute it for any IP address by which you can reach the target machine.

  • For some reason, i've seen some software manuals which invite the user to navigate to where would make sense. Apparently, on some platforms, it does work. – b0fh May 14 '15 at 0:55

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