Is a device controller also a microcontroller with more functions? I know device controller has input and output ports for external device communication but how about communication between device controller and cpu?

  • does stackoverflow.com/questions/3698158/… help? It's above my paygrade... – Tetsujin Oct 29 '14 at 18:12
  • Device controller is a concept that goes way back in computer hardware history, before any microcontrollers were available. Device controller could be all HW logic circuits, or (the typical modern version) a custom processor with RAM, (EEP)ROM (or flash), and firmware. A microcontroller is a processor-plus-periperals IC that can be used for almost any application. A microcontroller is often the guts of an embedded system. – sawdust Oct 29 '14 at 19:42

The Device Controller receives the data from a connected device and stores it temporarily in some special purpose registers (i.e. local buffer) inside the controller. Then it communicates the data with a Device Driver . For each device controller there is an equivalent device driver which is the standard interface through which the device controller communicates with the Operating Systems through Interrupts. Device controller is a hardware whereas device driver is a software. The controller's job is to convert the serial bit stream to block bytes and perform any error correction necessary.

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