At some point (which I unfortunately didn't note down precisely, but is reasonable to believe that it was after an apt-get (dist-)upgrade operation) meld's background highlighting stopped being displayed correctly.

In the following screenshot you can see that the light blue highlighting is missing from the two text panels:

screenshot of user's Meld Merge setup

Compare e.g. with http://meldmerge.org/ screenshot:

screenshot from Meld Merge website

I tried to hunt for the problem by reading about Gtk Css (which meld is apparently using) and went as far as checking that my /usr/share/meld/meld.css has the right contents, but I have no clue what to do next.

I am running Debian Jessie, GNOME and $ meld --version returns meld 3.12.0.

I cannot find any menu or command line option to reach a "Preferences" menu in the version that I am using.

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Seems to be fixed in:

$ meld --version
meld 3.12.1

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